Olam Agri - Platinum and Title Sponsors

The organizer is pleased to reveal Olam Agri as our platinum and title sponsor for the inaugural SS Rice News Convention 2024. It is an honour and privilege to have support from one of the largest rice traders in the world, and an organization invested across the global rice and commodity supply chain. Please welcome Olam Agri!

Olam Agri is a market leading, differentiated food, feed and fibre agri-business with a global origination footprint, processing capabilities and deep understanding of market needs built over 33 years. With a strong presence in high-growth emerging markets and products across rice, grains & oilseeds, integrated feed & protein, edible oils, specialty grains & seeds, cotton, wood products, rubber and commodity financial services, Olam Agri is at the heart of global food and agri-trade flows with 38.3 million MT in volume traded in 2022. Focused on transforming food, feed and fibre for a more sustainable future, it aims at creating value for customers, enable farming communities to prosper sustainably and strive for a food-secure future.

In our Rice business, we work closely with rice millers, farmers and third-party suppliers to source and supply high-quality rice around the world. We’ve established key partnerships, such as with the Thai Rice Department, the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development (MARD), and the German development agency Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), to promote sustainable rice cultivation. In Southeast Asia, through these partnerships, we work closely with smallholder rice farmers to train them in climate-smart farming practices so that they are able to produce safer, higher quality rice that lead to improved yields and increased incomes for the farmers. Our Market Oriented Smallholder Value Chain (MSVC) programme has benefitted 29,000 farmers across Thailand and Vietnam, raising their incomes by up to 20%. The programme won the highest sustainability recognition, the Farm Sustainability Assessment Gold Level by the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform in 2022 and has been nominated for the Reuters Responsible Business Awards in 2023. Building on its success, the initiative has expanded to India and Nigeria.

Web: https://www.olamagri.com/

TREA – Thai Rice Exporters Association – Gold Sponsor

Thai Rice Exporters Association, with current 199 exporter members and 35 two-year term directors, has a very long and proud history. It was founded in 1918 under its original name Siam Rice Association. In the beginning Mr. Ngow Pek Ngam, the owner of “Nguan Seng” rice store, gathered rice wholesalers in Bangkok area and, for the first time, registered the association with the Royal Thai Police Department. The purpose of the association was to be the centre for the local rice merchants. Mr. Ngow Pek Ngam was named the first Chairman of the association. Later on the membership of the association extended to cover Bangkok rice millers along the Chao Phraya River, rice exporters and also local rice merchants.

Apart from working closely and cordially with members and the Ministry of Commerce, the association is obliged to cooperate with The Board of Trade of Thailand and The Thai Chamber of Commerce and with other related associations like The Thai Farmers Association, The Thai Rice Millers Association and The Thai Rice Wholesalers Association. The objectives are to create cooperation and understanding among industrial stakeholders and to dutifully follow the trade policies and other regulations introduced by the government. Many of the Ministry of Commerce’s programs are actively supported or collaborated by the association such as the “Thailand Hom Mali Rice Contest” which is held annually to promote the cultivation and the quality of fragrant rice, and the “Thailand Rice Convention”, a biannual world class rice conference sponsored by Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce where Thai rice exporters and buyers all over the globe meet and discuss the industry in the most amicable ambience in Thailand.

Thai Rice Exporters Association also carries out another important function of being an important data base for information and statistics on Thai and the world rice industry. Such data are gathered from various sources including from the weekly director meeting.

At an international level, the association has expanded its activities to engage in a close and cordial cooperation with The Vietnam Food Association. Rice market data and information are exchanged weekly. The two associations alternately hold their regular meetings twice every year.

The Thai Rice Exporters Association strives to achieve its goal as Thai rice export promoter while providing its 177 members (as of November, 2022) with excellent services and information. Our aim as a Thai team is to reinforce Thai rice’s competitiveness in the world market while upholding trade ethics and values in every activity we engage in. Also we lend advice and support to the government and farmers on their rice strategies and action plans to make a stronger and better rice industry for our society.

Vision Statement "To maintain the lead in world-class rice export of Thailand"

Web: http://www.thairiceexporters.or.th

Thuan Minh Import Export Corporation – Gold Sponsor

Thuan Minh Import Export Corporation is the one of the top of Viet­namese Rice millers and exporters. Established on 03 April 2008, the company is a priority choice of many foreign importers for Rice products.

The QUALITY and TRACEABILITY are the business foundations that we have being constructed consolidated and developed to be able to pro­vide customers with reliable, delicious and healthy products.

All facets ranging from production to packing, shipping to distribution are under the constant scrutiny of Thuan Minh Import Export Corpora­tion's highly trained technicians to ensure only the finest quality pro-ducts delivered to your institution.

As a sustainable development strategy, Thuan Minh Import Export Corporation is applying an integrated Production from farming to process­ing and exporting and guarantees the international standards of production conditions.

“Our vision is to let the world experience the perfect tenderness and smoothness tastes of Vietnamese rice by working diligently to deliver our rice to every part of the world.”

Web: https://www.thuanminh.com.vn/

Shree Agro – Silver Sponsor

Global Supply Chain Intermediary Of Agricultural Produce For West Africa

We distribute rice under our own brands which are household names in the Ghanaian and Togolese markets. We as well distribute white and refined sugar in these markets. We are a key contributor to the strategic food security in Ghana and Togo.

We originate rice and sugar ourselves in Asia/South-central America/EU and distribute in Ghana and Togo through our channel partners who are underpinned by a robust sales force and marketing teams.

We originate raw cashew nuts, soybeans, raw shea nuts and sesame seeds in West Africa for supply to processors in India, Vietnam and other Asian countries. The origination is executed by local purchase team supported by a dedicated team dealing with export logistics.

Both in Ghana and in Togo we have our own warehouses, offices and local teams. The entire logistics and documentation is done by them. Rice and sugar are distributed in small lots directly in the wholesale markets after custom clearance. Our teams work as local distributors and thus we manage the entire supply chain from the origination till the distribution to the super markets and consumer points of sale.

Web: https://shreeagro.net/

Aditya Birla Global Trading (Formerly Swiss Singapore) – Silver Sponsor

We are Aditya Birla Global Trading, a commodities trading house moving industrial raw materials and food products to over 10,000 clients across 80+ countries worldwide.

We are part of the $60 billion Aditya Birla Group.

Connecting Customers to Commodities

We are one of the most diversified commodities traders in the world, handling 30+ different commodities across agri products, agri-inputs, energy and metals.

We help feed the world, build the world and run the world by creating access for essential commodities required today and tomorrow. We provide last mile solutions that allow us to impact local communities directly.

Web : www.abgtrading.com

Filhet-Allard Maritime (Fam) – Folder Sponsor

Sector of activity: Marine Insurance Brokerage

Our slogan “At the heart of International Trade, Shipping & Industry” reflects the vision of FILHET-ALLARD MARITIME (FAM), specialists in marine and transport risk since 1846. Our activity is focused on international trading.

Our Expertise :

The risks we handle include Marine Cargo, Storage, Charterers’ liability / FDD, Political violence, Political risks, War risks, Traders’ Defence, Trade disruption, Cargo owner legal liability, Bunkers cover, Credit risks, Contract frustration, Transport Operator Liability, Claims recoveries and defence, Parametric Insurance for Agriculture, Hull and Machinery, Ship owner liability and P&I.

 We protect, defend and serve our customer’s interests by providing:

  • Tailor-made coverage & solutions
  • Risk consulting, mitigation & control
  • Claims & Recoveries handling expertise.
  • State of the art Data Management & Analytics
  • Regulatory watch & sanctions surveillance to secure the compliance & the continuity of business

Our Strengths :

  • A dynamic and experienced team of Account Executives, Underwriting Specialists, Claims Handlers, Recovery Specialists, and Back Office Management dedicated to each client.
  • Innovative, personalized and technically effective solutions.
  • An internationally recognized insurance brokerage leader, approved by industry professionals such as banks, shipowners and brokers.

Global Presence :

  • A technical and logistical platform of over 150 employees covering worldwide activities with offices in: Bordeaux, Geneva, Abidjan and Istanbul.
  • In December 2021, FAM became a major stakeholder in Latitude Brokers, a specialist marine and offshore energy insurance/reinsurance broker based in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Web: https://www.fa-maritime.com/

TCIS – Network Sponsor

TCIS Inspection Thailand Co. Ltd is a multinational independent inspection company, trusted worldwide by major corporations, governments and financial institutions.

We are a team of experts; highly qualified and experienced in the TIC industry, ready to provide full Testing, Inspection and Certification Services globally. TCIS Inspection offices are located in many regions such as ASIA, Europe and Latin America.

Our MISION is to provide the market with expert, independent assessments, focusing on every detail of customer requirement to provide a customer-oriented solution; Our ultimate aim is to add value to support our customer's product or service offerings.

The TCIS work methodology follows international guidelines with exceptional levels of quality and integrity.

We want to use our years of multinational and multi-industry experience to our customer's advantage.

Web : www.tcisinspection.com

Cotecna - Lanyard Sponsor

Cotecna is a leading provider of testing, inspection and certification services. We offer solutions to facilitate trade and make supply chains safer and more efficient for our clients. Our technical expertise combined with the superior quality of our services and our ability to anticipate our clients’ needs is what sets us apart.

Vinafood 1 – Corporate Sponsor

Currently, the Corporation has 28 independent accounting member units that have been equitized as subsidiaries; 07 affiliated companies and 03 joint venture companies with foreign countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Iraq). Most of the Corporation's member units have their headquarters in the Northern provinces. However, to ensure the supply of goods for export and domestic consumption, the Corporation has established 09 branches of the Corporation located in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta provinces.

The positive results in all aspects of the Corporation's activities have been praised and recognized by the Party, State and people of all walks of life. During the journey of striving and growth over the past 20 years, many groups and individuals of the Corporation have been awarded many noble medals from the State.

The Northern Food Corporation is not satisfied and content with what it has achieved. The task requirements placed on the Northern Food Corporation in the coming years are extremely heavy. The Corporation's potential and advantages need to be exploited and developed at a higher level. Be aware of advantages and disadvantages; Knowing yourself, knowing others, with the dedication and commitment of the staff and workers towards the development of the organization, the next 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years... will definitely continue to be recorded. marks the growth and success of the Northern Food Corporation in many fields, successfully completing all tasks assigned by the Party and State.

Website: www.vinafood1.com.vn

Vinafood ll – Corporate Sponsor

VIETNAM SOUTHERN FOOD CORPORATION – JOINT STOCK COMPANY is one of the largest rice trading enterprises in the world with an average annual processing and export level of about 2.8-3.0 million tons of rice, export turnover of goods and services, over 1 billion USD annually, sales over 30,000 billion VND.

The International Maritime Fumigation Organization Limited (IMFO) – Stationary Sponsor

The International Maritime Fumigation Organisation is an international group of independent companies that would enable its members to provide the option of guaranteed fumigation to their customers, by controlling the fumigation at both load and discharge port. Whether your requirement is for an individual treatment or a group contract, just contact your local IMFO member or our head office in the UK, and we will be pleased to attend to your needs. Our international perspective means we can arrange in-transit fumigation almost anywhere in the world.

Stallion Enterprise – Stationary Sponsor

Stallion Enterprise is a government-recognized export house with leading businesses in a range of agricultural commodities and feed meal. Since being established in 2012, the company has grown phenomenally in the fields of great quality and service in global markets. Stallion enterprise has been certified by APEDA , IOPEPC , FSSAI , HACCP , FIEO, Spice Board of India, AQSIA for marking the epitome of quality and health. Our main goal is to be a global leader in the agricultural commodity trading industry and the feed meal industry. We are committed to being a one-stop shop for clients by providing superior services and reasonably priced products. Our mission is to add value to our customers' lives while maintaining the highest performance standards.

We export more than 27 agricultural and feed meal products including Oil seeds, Spices, Pulses, cereals, Feed meals / ingredients, and many others as mentioned below.

Product Range : Agro-commodities

Cereals: Rice, Wheat, Millet, Barley, Maize, Sorghum

Oil seeds : Peanuts, Soyabean, Sesame seeds

Pulses: Lentils, Mung Bean, Chickpeas, Pigeon Peas, Urad,

Spices: Cardamom, Vanilla Beans, Cloves, Coriander Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Cumin Seeds

Feed meal :  Soyabean meal, Rapeseed meal, De oiled rice bran, Castor seeds meal, Groundnut meal, Maize and many more

Our products are exported to more than 42 countries, including Vietnam, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Georgia, US, Canada, UAE, Philippines, Iraq, South Africa, Benin, Burkina, Sudan, Tanzania, Thailand, South Korea, Nepal, Guinea, Burkina Faso, and many other markets.

Website: www.StallionEnterprise.IN

Kien Giang Import Export Joint Stock Company (Kigimex) – Stationary Sponsor

The company has 05 food production and trading branches with modern warehouses and equipment as follows:

  -  03 rice drying systems, capacity 90,000 tons/year.

  -  03 milling lines, capacity 160,000 tons/year.

  -  15 polishing lines, capacity 300,000 tons/year.

  -  15 Color Separation lines, capacity 170,000 tons/year.

  -  Packaging line for 1-50kg bags, with capacity of 200 - 1,500 tons/day.

  - Warehouse of over 150,000 tons, warehouse construction land area of ​​over 80,000 m 2 .

  - Ability to provide quality rice products, satisfying the needs of domestic and foreign customers with an output of 300,000 - 500,000 tons/year.

Website: https://www.kigimex.com.vn

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